DJI Mini 2 SE Fly More Combo

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DJI Mini 2 SE Drone - Fly More Combo

It's always a great idea to capture your everyday moments or travels.  Bring DJI Mini 2 SE for a unique perspective that makes your moments fly.


  • Under 249g

  • Easy to Use
  • 31-min Max. Flight Time

  • 10 km Video Transmission

  • 38kph (Level-5) Wind Resistance

  • Intelligent Modes 


A Perspective Far Above Ordinary

Light and Portable

At less than 249 g, DJI Mini 2 SE weighs about as much as an apple and fits in the palm of your hand. Compact and convenient, Mini 2 SE is your ideal travel companion, transforming how you capture your favourite memories. 

Up to 10km HD Video Transmission

Mini 2 SE supports up to 10 km of HD video transmission and has excellent anti-interference capabilities, giving you the ability to fly farther and see clearer.

Powerful Performance

It may be small, but this mini drone packs a ton of power.  

With a max battery life of 31 minutes, DJI Mini 2 SE allows for more than enough time to compose the perfect shot. 

Mini 2 SE flies steady and reliably, and keeps your footage stable even when flying in environments with Level 5 winds as high as 37.8 km/h.


Creativity, Simplified


The DJI Fly app comes with clear instructions and easy-to-follow flying tutorials covering all the tips you need to get started.

Take Off/Land with One Tap

Press and hold the takeoff/landing icon, and the aircraft will automatically take off or land.

Stable Hovering

With a combination of GNSS, downward vision, and infrared sensing systems, the aircraft can hover stably in the air.

Return to Home

Smart RTH, Low Battery RTH, and Failsafe RTH provide you more confidence and peace of mind during flight.


Boost Your Inspiration with Intelligent Modes


Instantly master aerial photography.

With just a few taps, DJI Mini 2 SE automatically records and shoots professional-level videos that can be shared directly on social media. Whether you’re a beginner or a more seasoned flyer, the DJI Fly app helps you produce impressive results complete with soundtracks and filters.

DJI Mini 2

Dronie: Take a selfie using a drone.  The Mini 2 will hover near you before flying back and up while shooting video creating a dronie.

Circle: In this mode, the Mini 2 will slowly circle around the subject while maintaining the subject in the middle of the frame.

Helix: In this QuickShot mode, the Mini 2 performs a complex movement where the drone starts out close to you before moving backwards, rising upward, and circling you.

Rocket: The drone flies straight up with the camera pointing straight down. This lets you slowly reveal the world around you, creating an awesome video.

Boomerang: In this node, the Mini 2 moves essentially like a boomerang does, starting out close to you before flying backward and then returning to you.



Show off just how epic your view is in three different modes.

Select from Wide-Angle, 180°, and Sphere panoramas in just a few taps on the screen, and DJI Mini 2 SE will do the rest, creating panoramic masterpieces almost instantly.


Powerful Gimbal Camera

3-Axis Gimbal

With a 3-axis mechanical stabilization system, Mini 2 SE ensures consistently smooth imagery no matter how adventurous you get.

Clear and Crisp Imagery

The equipped 1/2.3-inch CMOS camera delivers 12MP photos and up to 2.7K videos. Record beautiful moments with family and friends or capture the full scope of natural scenery on a trip.  DJI Mini 2 SE can add something special to any creative idea.

4X Zoom

4x Zoom enables you to transition between shots of varying distance and composition when shooting HD videos.  That means you can capture clear, stunningly vivid footage of your kids, fluffy friends, or architecture from a safe distance.


In The Box

DJI Mini 2 SE Aircraft x 1
DJI RC-N1 Remote Controller x 1
DJI RC-N1 RC Cable (Standard Micro USB connector) x 1
DJI RC-N1 RC Cable (USB-C connector) x 1
DJI RC-N1 RC Cable (Lightning connector) x 1

DJI Mini 2 Intelligent Flight Battery x 3
Spare Propellers (Pair) x 3
USB-C Data Cable x 1
Pair of Spare Control Sticks x 1
Screwdriver x 1
Spare Screw x 18
Gimbal Protector x 1
Propeller Holder x 1
Shoulder Bag x 1
DJI Mini 2 Two-Way Charging Hub x 1


Accessories are not covered by the terms of any warranty.


* The parameters listed on this page were all measured in a controlled test environment. Results may vary; please refer to actual product experience.