Zenmuse Z3 7x Zoom Camera


Combination of Optical and Digital Zoom

The DJI Zenmuse Z3 is an advanced and full integrated zoom camera that enables users to take incredible footage up close from the airways. The Zenmuse Z3 features 7x Zoom capabilities, with 3.5x optical zoom and 2x digital lossless zoom. This powerful aerial zoom camera makes it the perfect choice for aerial surveys and inspections. 

Zenmuse Z3 7x Zoom Camera

Complete Yaw Stability 

Camera movement is magnified with any zoom camera, which is why DJI built an additional element of stability into the yaw control of the Zenmuse Z3 camera with a custom-made reaction wheel. The wheel works simultaneously with the regular yaw motor of the gimbal to ensure smooth and shake-free movement. 

Zenmuse Z3 7x Zoom Camera

High-Quality Footage 

The Zenmuse Z3 is a 4K 12-megapixel camera with a 1/2.3 inch sensor for extremely high-quality video and still imagery. 

Zenmuse Z3 7x Zoom Camera

Industrial Applications

The Zoom capabilities of the Zenmuse Z3 camera provide drone pilots, in a variety of industries, the perfect tool to conduct industrial and commercial inspections. The Z3 is perfect for the wind and solar inspections, power line surveys, search & rescue missions and more. 


Attached to the Inspire 1, Matrice 100 or Matrice 600, the Zenmuse Z3 is seamlessly integrated with the DJI Lightbridge and Lightbridge 2 systems for a HD live-feed transmission and a 5 km range. 

Flight time may vary depending on the drone. The Inspire 1 can fly for up to 19 minutes with the Zenmuse Z3, while the Matrice 100 and 600 can fly for approximately 39 minutes, giving pilots plenty of time to complete the job at hand.