U10 UAV Based Laser Methane Leakage Detector

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U10 UAV Based Laser Methane Leakage Detector for M200 and M300 Series

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The U10 is a light-weight, high-sensitivity gas detector based on Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy (TDLAS), which enables rapid identification of methane from up to 100 m away, or at a concentration as low as 5ppm.m. Powered by DJI SkyPort, the U10 can be seamlessly integrated with DJI Matrice 200 Series V1, V2 and Matrice 300 RTK platforms.

Accurate Results from Afar

From up to 100 m away, the operator can get real time readings of Methane concentration. The operator can adjust the pitch of the gimbal to pinpoint gas leaks in dangerous or hard-to-reach areas while keeping personnel safe.

Visualize the Detection

The U10 can detect concentration as low as 5ppm.m. Receive concentration data in just 25 ms, so you can make decisions quickly. Gain an aerial overview of the suspected leakage site through the 720p visual camera.

Automated Workflow

Through the iOS application, α-ONE, the user can plan flight missions and view flight paths, monitor gas concentration levels and historical trends in real-time, and flag specific points along the flight route for abnormalities, and generate inspection reports.


Facility and pipeline inspections - U10 UAV based laser methane leakage detection

Critical Facility Inspection: Use DJI’s leading drone platforms equipped with the U10 to inspect and maintain facilities like Liquid Natural Gas plants, gas storage tanks, and gas pipelines in areas such that are difficult for human operators to access, such as mountains or rivers. With the U10, users can detect and monitor methane leakages accurately to make informed response decisions quickly.


  • DJI Matrice 200 Series, Matrice 200 Series V2, Matrice 300 RTK
  • Supports the use of both the U10 and the Zenmuse XT2, Zenmuse Z30, and Zenmuse X5S on the M210, M210 V2, M210 RTK, M210 RTK V2; as well as the Zenmuse H20 Series on the M300 RTK.

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AILF (Shandong) Instruments combines advanced laser gas detection technologies with industrial applications and developed a full line of gas leakage detection products, including methane (CH4), ethane (C2H6), propane (C3H8), ammonia (NH3), hydrogen fluoride (HF) and additional noxious gases.


 U10 UAV Based Laser Methane Leakage Detector Specifications