Tello - Boost Combo

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Tello Boost Combo - Add a new dimension to your flying experience with fun flying modes and signature DJI flight technology.

Tello Boost Combo Package (valued at $225) Includes:

1 x Ryze Tello (Aircraft, 4 x Propellers (Pair), 2 x Propeller Guards (Pair), 1 x Battery)
2 x Extra Intelligent Flight Batteries - Total 3 batteries
1 x Battery Charging Hub
1 x Micro USB Cable


Built by Ryze Robotics using only the best flight tech in the industry by DJI, this Cool New Tello Intelligent Toy Drone is compact, easy to use, and developed specifically for the beginner pilot as well as for learning. 

Perform flying stunts, shoot quick videos with EZ Shots, and learn about drones with coding education. Flying Tello couldn’t be easier. Just pull out your phone to fly anytime or anywhere with intuitive controls. Get yourself a Tello to find out just how awesome flying a drone can be!

Key Features:

* Smart Interactive Drone

* 720p Videos

* 5MP Photos

* Takeoff and Landing from Your Hand

* Intel Processor

* Programmable via Scratch SDK

* Free Tello App with User-Friendly UI

* Compatible with Bluetooth Controllers

Easy to Fly:

The Tello features an easy to use app that provides live video from the drone as well as flight and camera information. You can start flying by simply tossing the Tello in the air. The app features easy to use controls for cool aerial stunts with just a few swipes on the screen. Tello can perform eight different flips, fly up and down from your hand in Bounce mode, or automatically record short videos with EZ Shots. The Tello has a downward facing camera that it uses to position itself using vision making hovering in one spot easy and accurate.

The Tello App is also compatible with GamSir T1d Remote Controllers or any Apple MFi – Certified Bluetooth remote controllers for a more tactile flight experience.


The Tello features a 720p camera that can shoot 5-megapixel photos. The camera features Electronic Image Stabilization making the video steady and the photos clear.  The Tello features a 720p video downlink back to the operator’s smartphone.

The powerful 14-core Intel processor can control movement of the drone for EZ Shots which perform automated shots by coordinating the pitch, yaw and altitude of the drone by just a few touches on the screen.


The Tello features Auto Take off/Landing which helps the user launch or land with a single tap on the screen. Battery levels are constantly monitored, and the app alerts the user when the battery is low. The Tello features Failsafe Protection which lands it safely even when the drone loses connection with the phone. These features along with Tello’s light weight of 80 grams, durable design and the Vision Positioning System make the Tello super safe - even to fly indoors.

Learn & Create:

Supported by the Tello SDK, the Tello provides for a convenient, easy to use programming platform for beginners and advanced programmers. The Tello allows kids and teens to learn the basics of programming using Scratch, an MIT-developed coding system and makes it fun!