TBS X-Racer

Drone Shop Canada
$250.00 $300.00

The TBS X-Racer is the first micro brushed quad from Drone Shop! Packing powerful 8.5mm motors, and 600mAh battery, this baby is a bit bigger than what you may be used to. The size translates into momentum and speed, which makes this quad a ton of fun to fly in larger indoor venues such as carparks, sports centers or (abandoned) shopping malls!

Powered by a Unify Pro, CleanFlight/BetaFlight compatible F1 board with built-in Spektrum receiver, it's ready to go out of the box and comes with a truckload of spares! The frame is made by Parrot, so it's a Cargo Drone in disguise and it's compatible with all of the accessories.   


  • 2x Battery 1S 600mAh
  • 2x Spare Motor
  • 12x Spare propellers
  • Comes with video transmitter