PolarPro CrystalSky Mavic/Spark Remote Mount

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  • Compatible with Mavic 2, Mavic Air, Mavic Pro/Platinum, Spark
  • For use with CrystalSky 7.85 or 5.5
  • Rigid metal frame eliminates any flexing or movement
  • PolarPro Warranty guarantees it will last through the most rugged adventures

Note - The CrystalSky Mount requires a 10-inch USB-C cable for use. The cable selection option is only compatible with Mavic Remotes. Not compatible with the Spark Remote.


An all in-one mounting solution for DJI Spark and Mavic remote controllers, PolarPro’s DJI CrystalSky Remote Mount enables you to use DJI’s powerful CrystalSky monitor with your DJI Mavic or Spark drone. PolarPro’s unique mounting solution provides full DJI CrystalSky compatibility with DJI Spark and Mavic remotes, for both the small 5.5 inch and large 7.85 inch CrystalSky monitors. Includes a custom PolarPro key to adjust the angle of the CrystalSky monitor and base mount hardware. Using the control knob on the remote mount, the CrystalSky screen is adjustable up to an 85 degree angle for easy viewing in sunlight. Made of aluminum with a custom anodized black finish, PolarPro’s DJI CrystalSky Remote Mount is designed to last a lifetime of repeated use.


Height: 3.1 inches (78mm)

Width: 5.5 inches (140mm)

Depth: 3.2 inches (80.5mm)

Weight: 7.4 ounces (210g)

Note: CrystalSky monitor in photo is not included.