Matrice 600 Intelligent Flight Battery TB48S (Part 10)

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High-performance 5700 mAh battery for the Matrice 600 aircraft. Designed specifically for the Matrice 600, the TB48S features intelligent monitoring circuitry to monitor cell voltage, temperature and current draw to accurately determine flight times and safety. 

The TB48S features short circuit protection and automatic discharge for safety and extending the life of the cells. Complex algorithms help the aircraft calculate accurate return to home times. The battery features real time monitoring for individual cell voltages. The battery is capable of providing the number of times it was charged/discharged.

Model: TB48S
Capacity: 5700 mAh
Voltage: 22.8 V
Type: LiPo 6S
Energy: 129.96 Wh
Net Weight: 680 g
Operating Temperature: 14° to 104° F (-10° to 40° C)
Storage Temperature: Less than 3 months: -4° to 113° F (-20° to 45° C); More than 3 months: 72° to 82° F (22° to 28° C)
Charge Temperature: 41° to 104° F (5° to 40° C)
Max Charging Power: 180 W

Note: Because of the built-in smart circuitry, this battery should only be used with chargers designed specifically for it. General-purpose RC chargers are not suitable.