Matrice 600 - 2170R Folding Propeller Kit (CW/CCW) (Part 28)

DJI Enterprise

The DJI Matrice 600 2170R propellers pair (1 x CW, 1 x CCW) are 21 inches in length and are made from a composite material called Ultra Carbon Pro that is specially designed by DJI Propulsion Labs, intended to reduce rotational inertia while maintaining high strength and stiffness. 

The use of Ultra Carbon Pro makes the propeller stiff and less susceptible to flexing mid flight. This along with the advancecd electro-magnetic design of the E10 motor makes the E2000 propulsion system highly energy efficient.

Diameter/Thread Pitch: 21 x 7.0 inch (533 x 178mm)
Weight: 58g

In The Box
Propeller CCW (Propeller + Propeller Adapter) × 1
Propeller CW (Propeller + Propeller Adapter) × 1
Screws pack x 1

M600 Series