Inspire 1 FPV Pilot Camera Upgrade

$650.00 $1,087.00

Introducing the Drone Shop Canada Inspire 1 FPV system.

Upgrade your DJI Inspire 1 with a nose cone FPV camera for the pilot. Now the pilot can fly independently of the camera operator. Orientation is now much easier to manage while the Inspire 1 camera is operated independently. This is a plug and play solution that does NOT void your warranty. No Soldering, No glueing, No Cutting. Very simple assembly with 8 screws needing to be removed and replaced. Comes with everything you need except the torx and allen head screwdrivers. The system is sent as a kit to be fitted by the user, if you need you can send your DJI Inspire 1 to Drone Shop for full fitting. 

The following items are included in the package:

Nosecone (drilled for camera)
FPV Camera 
Video Transmitter 5.8Ghz
Cables For Plug And Play 
Flysight equivalent monitor (stock dependant) (can be removed, saves $250)
Double sided tape to mount transmitter and power converter

Contact us to add the following: 

Upgrade 5.8Ghz Antennas to Circular Polarized $55
Fitting of the unit on your craft ($99) 


You Will need a clamp for the FPV Monitor, or a tripod also works well.