Inspire 1 Auxiliary Battery Hookup

Drone Shop Canada

Drone Shop Canada has developed an external auxiliary extended battery hookup that DOES NOT require you to modify your batteries, DOES NOT require any modification to the Inspire 1. Works with all versions. The options for batteries to add are endless, Try a few different configurations and send us the flight times you are getting! You can use this to extend flight times with any batteries. Don't spend hundreds getting them all modded. This does not void your warranty for the Inspire or the Battery (Just dint tell DJI you did it). Stealth install as they say. 

We do not ave a battery carry tray yet... Stay Tuned, It will be a paid add on when it is available. To use the battery upgrade now we use hook and loop or and rubber bands for extra security.

This mod is great for getting extended flight times on the Inspire as well as safety in battery redundancy. If your main pack drops voltage quickly, goes into shutdown mode or fails otherwise the aux pack will still be connected and live giving you juice to land. 

This will work with any standard 6S Lipo that you want to carry. As we try different brands and different capacities we will post the flight times.  You can runs single or dual battery packs. You can also run dual 3S in series, add on the series connector if you want this setup instead.

This is for the wiring only. We will send you a link for the install instructions after purchase. A youtube video of how to do the install will also be made available. Tools needed are a T6 Torx screwdriver to remove and reinstall 3 screws. 


Add on a Lipo Charger if you need one, and a battery holder. Due to shipping restrictions we have some batteries available but may not be able to get all sizes. 


All of our posted flight times are indoors, at a hover about 3 feet from the ground not recording and with the x3 payload on an Inspire 1 V2.