FLIR VUE Pro R Radiometric Thermal Camera


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FLIR Vue™ Pro R

Radiometric drone camera for accurate airborne temperature measurements

The Vue Pro R from FLIR gives drone operators and certified thermographers accurate, non-contact temperature measurements. Every image the Vue Pro R saves contains accurate, calibrated temperature data embedded in every pixel, adding even more value to your sUAS operations.

Industry-leading thermal imaging quality, interfaces, and capability are the best-selling FLIR features, the Vue Pro R adds fully radiometric data-gathering to UAV applications.


The Vue Pro R – captures accurate, non-contact temperature measurements and saves images with calibrated temperature data.

On-Board Recording

Vue Pro R captures regular JPEGs and fully radiometric R-JPEGs that can be fully analyzed in FLIR Tools thermography software. It also records 8-bit digital video in MJPEG or H.264 formats, and 14-bit TIFFs on the camera. Imagery is saved to the micro-SD card and can be retrieved either directly from the card or by plugging the camera into a USB port.

Easy to Configure

Vue Pro R comes with a built-in, Bluetooth module, you can configure the camera with a custom iOS or Android app before you take off. Change color palettes, set your image optimization features, configure PWM inputs, and start recording from the app.

Power & HDMI Video Module

An optional accessory, the Power/Video Module makes Vue Pro R easier to integrate. Its 10-pin mini-USB connector accepts a much wider span of input power – from 5 to 28 VDC – provides reverse polarity protection. This connector still provides analog video output and gives you access to the camera’s on-board storage like any other USB device.

Its micro-HDMI connector outputs HDMI video that is compatible with digital drone airborne systems like DJI Lightbridge 2. 

The Power & HDMI Video Module is an accessory and is sold separately.


With the same powerful thermal imaging core used in the most popular cameras in the world, FLIR Vue Pro R brings affordable, calibrated radiometry to drone operators, making it perfect for applications like:

  • Roof inspections
  • Power line inspections
  • Substation inspections
  • Cell tower inspections
  • Search and rescue
  • Precision agriculture
  • Security
  • Surveying