DJI Wookong M


The DJI Wookong M has been the staple flight controller for professional aerial photography and videography. With an included 2.4Ghz receiver you can pair it with your favorite transmitter. CANbus support allows for add-ons and system expansion.

Perfect for a flying camera the Wookong M has gimbal stabilization which is compatible with most professional gimbals on the market, including the Zenmuse series from DJI.

Control waypoints and see system diagnostics from an iDevice app through low power Bluetooth, add on the DJI Lightbridge for extended range and HD video downlink.

Intelligent orientation control allows the pilot to control the drone easily in the case the nose of the aircraft is unknown, its as east as push forward to fly away from the pilot, pull back on the flight stick to come back. The drone is oriented around the pilot.

Point of Interest allows aerial photographers to orbit the flying camera around a point set using a button on the transmitter. Perfect for fly byes.

Return to home failsafe in the event you loose sight or just want the drone to come back the pilot can issue a command and wait for the drone to come and land. In the event of a transmitter failure or lost link the UAV will come back to its original take off point and land.

One motor fail protection gives a little bit of added assurance and security in case of a motor failure you can safely land the flying camera without damage.