DJI Inspire 2 Arm Assembly Carbon Fibre Frame Main Frame Boom

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The is the "Y" main frame carbon fiber arm / boom replacement for the DJI Inspire 2. It is OEM DJI direct from the factory. It does not include the landing gear, motors, antennas, or esc. Those all must come from your machine. It includes the wire already installed throughout the inspire arm.  Other DJI inspire 2 carbon fibre parts are available for purchase through us and the landing gear and motors are in stock as well.

Please choose what side you need. While FACING the front of the UAV: If you are looking into the camera lens the arm on the right side of you is the "right" arm (yes it would be the left if you were riding in the inspire like an airplane)  You can confirm by taking off your broken arm and there is a small imprint on the plastic of an "L" or an "R"

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