DJI Inspire 1 Version 2

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DJI Inspire 1 In Canada

Newest Version 2 with upgraded motors and propeller system. The Inspire 1 from DJI boasts many new innovative features with every update that DJI rolls out. The Inspire 1 has been proven as a great platform that can be adapted for many uses, what started out as a tool for professional videographers has morphed into a great tool for industry applications as well. Some uses include adding or adapting the X3 camera to do NDVI for agricultural plant health mapping, construction and 3d mapping, search and rescue, industrial inspections and many others. Now with the ability to accept the X5 camera upgrade and X5R micro four thirds MFT lenses on a larger sensor the Inspire has surpassed any off the self and many custom drones on the market. Anyone from the most experienced aerial photographer, to the starting out Canadian amateur pilot can appreciate its ease of use. The camera features 4K HD video and 12MP still camera. A full 360 degree gimbal with an unobstructed view, thanks to the innovative landing gear, gives spectacular unobstructed views. High resolution aerial photos and production quality video are just around the corner with this flying camera. The flight controller uses both GPS and GLONASS systems for higher precision and quicker acquisition, good for Canada when compass declination is sometimes severe. Couple this with the new vision positioning system; utilizing sonar and visual, you can even fly indoors with minimal drift.

The DJI Inspire 1 controller is an all new high end controller. It includes industry standard return to home features, precision gyros and accelerometers, and complex algorithms to make it one of the most stable multirotor drones. The ability to fly autonomous missions is built in up to 16 waypoints. let the computer do the flying if you want to concentrate on the photography The new controllers for the DJI Inspire 1 are custom designed for this drone system. You can also use dual controllers, one to control the quad copter and one to control the camera gimbal. Wireless link between the 2 controllers means no more wires tethering a camera operator to the pilot. Another great feature of these controllers is they have the Lightbridge technology built right in. Previously an expensive add-on for first person video, now your iPad or iPhone can be your first person video screen. It relays full HD video and flying parameters to keep an eye on the diagnostics of your Inspire 1. The DJI Inspire 1 drone still has many of the great features that made DJI famous with the Phantom platform including, return to home failsafe, an easy to use app for your smartphone, and a no fly zone feature to keep you safe from entering restricted airspace, including airports in Canada. *Obey Transport Canada legislation at all times. DJI Inspire 1 Downloads

The propulsion system for the Inspire 1 is based off of the very popular tunes E800 series system. Now shipping with quick release propellers.

Dual controller support built in. Let one person pilot the craft and the other concentrate on getting that perfect video transition. Taking aerial videography to the next level, professionals all over the world are adding the Inspire 1 to their professional toolkit.

Indoor flight comes with its struggles and crashes resulting in costly repairs. Now equipped with radar the vision positioning system allows the UAV to hover indoors, and stop moving when the controls are released, drifting problem solved!

The new gimbal and camera system feature 4K video at 24-30 fps and 1080p at 24-60 fps, allowing the perfect settings for action or beautiful panoramic shots. The 12 megapixel camera takes inspiring photos, and the 94 degree FOV does not distort like traditional wide angle lenses. The 3 axis gimbal can do a full 360 degree rotation and lookup slightly to straight down.

The power system on the Inspire 1 is fully integrated giving you up to the second indication of your battery health. Advanced algorithms calculate the distance you quad is away and how long it will take to return home, letting you know when it is time to fly back. These batteries report voltage from every cell, total charges and discharges, its health, and system status. These batteries come with automatic discharge so if you forget to discharge them for storage, they will do it automatically.

The new, non traditional, fully redesigned transmitter features extra customizable buttons to allow greater control over the camera, allowing you to take pictures, start and stop video, change settings and tilt and pan. Stunning video has never been so easy.