DJI Inspire 1 Extended Auxiliary Battery Solution


Drone Shop Canada has perfected the aux battery mod for the Inspire 1. No more need to modify batteries and void their warranties. With this solution battery power is added AFTER the smart lipo, and acts as battery redundancy for your UAV.  

You can hook up one battery to the supplied cable, use a splitter to hook up 2 batteries, or get a second adapter. 

Comes with a parallel splitter if you want to add 2 6S batteries to the Inspire

Ask if you want a series connector to hook up dual 3S batteries

2 Strips of industrial hook and loop to secure batteries included

Add on Lipo Charger 


-Many shops will modify your existing batteries for outrageous prices, and what happens if you buy a new battery, or the one you modified goes bad. With our mod it doesn't matter what battery you run, new old, modified or not.  

We use hook and loop to attach the batteries, but you can source a mount plate, we can help point you in the right direction if needed. We find some 3D printed mounts are not strong enough and some others add a lot of unnecessary weight. 

Because of new shipping regulations we do not sell lipos to use with this mod, many good ones can be found at Hobbyking or your favourite lipo supplier like Venom or Kapom. 

This will NOT void the battery warranty, or the Inspire warranty. With our solution there is no permanent modification to the Inspire 1 airframe. This iteration will add the option to carry extra external lipos beside the battery compartment of the Inspire 1. Be careful that the weight added to the back doesn't exceed the capabilities of the Inspire.