DJI OM 5 Athens Gray

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DJI OM 5 - Master Every Shot

Portable and palm-sized with a built-in extension rod, the DJI OM 5 Handheld Foldable Stabilizer is a versatile companion that unlocks the full potential of your smartphone. Enjoy flawless selfies, super-smooth video, automatic tracking, and much more. A new ShotGuides feature even provides creative tips, empowering you to get stunning shots wherever you go. With DJI OM 5, get ready to master every shot.

OM 5 for OMG Results | DJI Stabilization Technology

DJI OM 5 provides users the ability to film with flawless stabilization, resulting in smooth footage that wows.

The keys to OM 5’s stabilization are three powerful motors that make sure your phone stays where it needs to be, even during dynamic movements and when using larger smartphones.

Loaded with some of the smartest algorithms DJI has ever made, OM 5 adapts to your movements while filming, whether you’re riding a bike or using gesture control. That means ultra-smooth results. Anytime. Anywhere.

Uncompromising Design | New Design, Better Results

Foldable and lightweight, OM 5 is designed to fit in the palm of your hand. That means you can easily take it along for any adventure. And for the first time, DJI has included a built-in extension rod, letting you include more friends in a selfie or capture footage from unique new angles.

A precision-crafted 215mm extension rod extends smoothly and uniformly, providing easier adjustments and more creative options when shooting.

OM 5 makes no concessions when it comes to quality, and that includes its flexible, highly durable metal joints for a premium fit and finish.

The handle is ergonomically designed to fit perfectly in the palm of your hand.

New Colour | Two Colours, Infinite Style

Athens Gray

Inspired by Greek architecture, DJI OM 5 is available in a classic Athens Gray.

Sunset White

DJI OM 5 comes in a gorgeous new sunset white colour, which represents the subtle hues of a sunset.

ShotGuides | Shoot Like a Pro

ShotGuides automatically recognizes your environment and recommends helpful shooting tips and creative templates. From recording to editing, this advanced new feature allows even first-time users to capture stunning results.

Nature, City, Country, Cuisine…

Any scene. You name it.


ActiveTrack 4.0 | Stay in Frame

What did DJI improve for ActiveTrack 4.0? Pretty much everything. From more advanced recognition capabilities to higher responsiveness, there’s even a new automatic face tracking feature for selfie mode. Tracking that’s this good and reliable lets you focus on your surroundings and stay in the moment.

Follow a furry friend.

Be the center of attention in every shot.


Intelligent Shooting Modes | A Mode for Every Moment

Any can be a masterpiece, and with DJI OM 5, a wide range of intelligent shooting modes means you'll always be ready to creatively capture it all.

Image Modes


Record more of your surroundings with panorama mode,

CloneMe Pano

Ever want to be in multiple places at the same time?  Here's your chance.

Video Modes

Story Mode

Choose your template and follow the prompts to create an awesome short video, even if you have no experience shooting or editing.


Add an artistic touch to your creations with DynamicZoom.


Capture the pulse of your environment with a timelapse video.


Get the cool rotating shots you see in music videos with SpinShot.


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DJI OM Magnetic Phone Clamp 2 (Athens Gray) x 1

Grip Tripod (Athens Gray) x 1

Storage Pouch x 1

Power Cable x 1

Wrist Strap (Athens Gray) x 1