Advanced RPAS Drone Ground School Registration - Dec. 2-4, 2022

Skymount Drones and Satcom Inc.
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Skymount Drones is offering a 2 1/2 day Canadian Advanced Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) Drone Ground School training course in Calgary, in partnership with BlackHawk Aeronautical.


December 2-4, 2022 (Fri: 5pm-9pm; Sa & Su: 8:30am-4pm)


Skymount Drones
Deerfoot Meadows Mall (next to Best Buy)
Unit 280, 8180 11th Street SE
Calgary, Alberta 


This comprehensive training will teach you all the essentials to run a RPAS program or to get your operation in line with Transport Canada's Pilot Knowledge Requirements. 

Course Outline

Section 1: Introduction to RPAS

RPAS Types
RPAS Engines, Systems & Airframes
RPAS Industry Uses
Theory of Flight

Section 2: RPAS Legislation

Canadian Aviation Regulations
Air Traffic Rules & Regulations
Basic / Advanced RPAS Operations

Section 3: Roles & Responsibilities

RPAS Training / Flight Reviews
RPAS Pilot
RPAS Spotter / Ground Crew
RPAS Maintenance Technician

Section 4: Navigation & Coordination

RPAS Flight Planning
Air Navigation / Coordination
RPAS Preflight Hazard Assessment
Safe Flight Operations
RPAS Flight Safety Operations Manual

Section 5: RPAS Emergencies

Power / Engine Failure
Loss of Control
Manned Aircraft enters RPAS Flight Envelope
RPAS Ground Level Security Threat

Section 6: Factors affecting Safe RPAS Flight

Human Factors Affecting Safe Flight Operations
Pilot Decision Making
RPAS Maintenance
RPAS Storage / Travel
RPAS Security

Section 7: Weather Systems

RPAS Weather Limitations

Section 8: Radiotelephony

Radio Operator Procedures
ROC-A Examination

Section 9: RPAS Final Written Examination


RPAS Flight Review

This course registration is being offered with the option of adding a RPAS Flight Review for Small Advanced Operations. 

Once a Flight Review appointment has been scheduled, you will need to provide the reviewer the following documents at the commencement of the review:

  • a digital or physical copy of the results page of your successfully completed small advanced exam
  • a valid (not expired) piece of government-issued (federal/provincial/territorial/state government authority or the equivalent body abroad) identification that provides their name and date of birth
  • the Certificate of Registration for the drone used for the flight review