Hello All Mavic Enthusiasts, 

This is my quick first look review of the Mavic. Drone Shop Canada has finally seen the first Mavic coming in so there is hope to be getting them shipped out soon. 

It is small, wow much smaller then I had anticipated. Nicely packaged. First thing I broke is the plastic gimbal bubble cover, note it unclips from the back! Its fairly brittle plastic so you may want to order a backup. 

dji mavic pro cracked camera gimbal protector glassThe camera inside is so small and seems very delicate, I would not want to fly without a cover on it. It has a neat feature where the camera can spin up to portrait mode assuming for better selfies, will I ever use that function, likely not. Make sure you always use the little gimbal holder when transporting!!

Its fast in sport mode and seems to have a good strong video link with the controller, pretty easy to fly and the controller doesn't get heavy as it only fits a phone, no tablets. 

I noticed the battery in the controller lasts way less time then phantom and inspire controllers, and the plug in for the charge port seems like it isn't micro usb, but a standard micro usb cable fits in there. The controller is also very small, I got used to holding the sticks between my finger and thumb for better control and fine movements. The mavic sticks are too short and the controller too small for that, this is flying with thumbs all the way. It makes sense as that is how most recreational users fly. 

The flight functions are the same as phantom 4 and work well, the follow me, active track, poi, etc. There is a small joystick on the controller used for activating the selfie mode I touched on, also to activate the 2x digital zoom and change flight functions. I found it very sensitive and hard to use. 

dji mavic pro controller joystick charging drone

I have yet to compare a photo from the Mavic and the P3P, P4, I1 etc to see the camera quality. 

My Mavic Pro already suffers from tilted horizon in the first few shots I took.  I will play around with some calibrations to see if the problem can be corrected like in the Inspire. 

Battery life is good, the flying time was pretty close to 24 minutes which is what I would expect. It was a bit breezy but I wasn't flying very aggressively. 

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