As the market for drones expands, companies are offering a wider variety of options for a wider range of prices. You can easily spend $5,000 on a drone with luxury features only to spend more in the next generation. Smart money prioritizes the relevant features of the drone and keeps the price in check based on the return within that price range. Here are a few guidelines to help you decide on your drone price range.

The Entry Level Drone


The entry level market for drones includes great pieces like the DJI Phantom 3 Advanced edition. You get great flight control and balance and a few of the features that make the higher tier drones easier to fly. For instance, the "return home" feature is usually a staple here, because drone manufacturers know that a first time pilot might lose the drone otherwise! Battery life and the range that the drone can fly from the controller is great and was industry leading until the Phantom 4 came out, but then again, you are not expected to take these drones on professional escapades. There are drones cheaper than this range, but they a great value for money.

The Established Amateur

$1890 - $2999

The DJI Phantom 4 Sport model upgrade is a great example of the price range that an established amateur should spend on a drone. The extra money is a good investment because the pilot knows how to properly fly a drone without dropping it over a cliff, and the pilot is usually ready for some more advanced techniques when shooting. This range of drone comes with features that create more accurate photos, plus the ability to perform new tricks like "orbit" without losing photo or video quality. Cameras are 4k resolution, and battery life is maxed out for the generation.

The Professional

$2599 - $9999

Full featured drones like the Inspire Ready to Go combo are the top of the line. You can extend the capabilities of these drones almost endlessly with add ons from first and third party developers, but the base package is quite robust as well. You get more batteries and charge hub time is lower. You get top speeds of 45 to 50 miles per hour. You also get all of the flight patterns of the previous generation plus a few new ones for good measure. Finally, the balance and durability of these drones is unmatched. You can take perfect pictures and videos in inclement weather or winds easily because of the added effort put into the aerodynamic frame and gimbal support.