I have compiled a list of the most popular upgrades for the Phantom 3 series quadcopter and the reasons why these upgrades are popular. Some of the items below are more of product add ons that you may not think about at the time of purchase but have proven useful to me personally while flying.

#1 The mobile device holder from the Inspire 1, with a metal base it is much more robust and equipped to hold phones and tablets of all sizes. No one wants to trust hundreds of dollars on a flimsy plastic holder. Pick one of these up ASAP!

#2 Sunshades and monitor hoods for your device. There are many brands and styles out there. The DJI brand monitor hood was late to the party but it is a good quality shade and folds flat to fit in your favourite Phantom 3 or Inspire 1 case. Available in 2 sizes the smaller one should fit most standard sized phones, around 5 inches, and the larger tablet version should be good for anything bigger like the iPad Air or Samsung Tab devices.

#3 The FPV HDMI out board for the Phantom 3. While not a hugely popular upgrade it will let you have the ability to attach an external HDMI device such as the Fatshark Dominator HD goggles, or similar FPV systems. For presentations and viewing the footage you can hook it up to a TV and watch on the big screen!!

#4 Carbon Fibre reinforced propellers are becoming increasingly popular, while not as robust as the plastic counterparts they are much stiffer and will lead to better performance, possibly longer flight times and a much quieter experience 

#5 Speaking of longer flight times, add on our auxiliary battery kits to extend flight times, many enthusiasts in the DIY crowd have been playing with extended flight times and range and now we offer this upgrade service to everyone. Stay tuned for our real world flight time experiments.

#6 With longer flight times comes the desire to fly out greater range, while we always fly within the rules and within line of sight,