Here's some things that DJI might have you believe about the Phantom 4, but are maybe not as straight forward as they seem.

The amount of technology in this drone is amazing and I fully appreciate that. However as much as I love computing and technology, I don't always trust it to do exactly what is says. 

This post is to be realistic and prepare you for what the Phantom 4 will actually accomplish versus what the public perception may be. 

Let start with the battery: 28 Minute Flight Time

This is much like the EPA estimated MPG for cars. Way overstated, unless in optimal conditions.  For a drone the optimal flight conditions are at sea level, fairly cold temperature, hover only, no wind, not recording (big power draw) probably in Atti mode so the GPS is not using power.  That is how you get 28 minutes.  If you actually fly the P4, and especially when you are recording or using sport mode you will likely be closer to the 20 minute flight time. 

Object Tracking - Yes It Works, but...

If you are riding motorcross or doing something that has a pretty high velocity it is not going to keep up. I haven't figured out the max velocity yet but its more like a person running is the most movement the Phantom can track. for filming higher speeds you are just going to have to actually fly it. 

Object Avoidance - Usually works except for...

If you are flying higher speed, there is not enough time to see the object and maneuver around it, thank momentum for that. Small object like birds attacking will still bring down the Phantom. Trees with no leave or small branches will likely not be see either. And if you are in a hover and something comes towards the phantom, versus the drone flying towards something, the drone is likely to get hit. Object avoidance is also turned off for sport mode. 


Write to us and let us know what you think of these features and what you experience has been.