Now that you have a Phantom 3, its time to accessorize. After a few flights you will probably think, man this is cool. But what else do I need to make this a complete setup. This article will cover some available but not needed accessories, as well as the must haves!

Name Price  Notes 
Trackimo GPS Tracker $199
Batteries $201
Propeller Guards $26 4 Guards, Bolt On
Charging Hub $122 Charges Batteries One After Another
Carbon Reinforced Props $22 Sold In Pairs
Nanuk Case
HDMI Out Board $134 Connect to FPV Goggles
Controller Strap $15


Trackimo GPS Tracker

Find your lost drone with Trackimo, First year of service included. Can be used to track luggage, your kids, pets, etc etc.


More flying time, enough said.  If you get 4 or 5 batteries total, take advantage of the charging hub to get your batteries charging without having to swap the charger every hour. 

Propeller Guards

Good for beginners, or those of us who fly in places where a level landing is not always available.  Ive tipped my phantom over landing on grass a bunch and broken blades that way.  But once you find a good landing spot, or if you are a seasoned pilot I would leave then at home. Also most cases dont fit with guards on. 

Charging Hub

DOES NOT charge all batteries at the same time, it charges one after another, but it eliminates the need to remember to swap the charger over to the next battery. LiPo batteries have been known to start fires, please do not leave batteries charging unattended.  

Carbon Reinforced Propellers

Quieter, stiffer, longer flight times and snappier response, one of the cheapest and best upgrades to the Phantom. Available in Black, Black with Yellow tips, or Black with White tips.

Nanuk Cases

Choose from the Nanuk 945 or the Nanuk 950 cases for DJI Phantom. Waterproof, crush resistant, dustproof, everything you need in a case to keep your investment safe. If you want a backpack check out the high quality Manfrotto Brand backpack

HDMI Board

The HDMI output board is perfect for those of you who want to be immersed in the FPV experience. Add Dominator or Headplay goggles to your package and fly as if you were in the pilots seat. Easy to install and a great upgrade. *Recommended on the Phantom 3 Professional only*

Controller Strap

This controller strap made by DJI is one of the most comfortable ones I have used, instead of being a traditional neck strap it holds your shoulders taking the weight to your back. 


These are some of the most popular accessories, but there are so many more options, like sunshades, regular propellers, range extender antennas, different cases, battery upgrades, camera filters, etc. Be sure to check out the Accessories / Upgrades Page for all the options!

1 THOUGHTS ON “Best Phantom 3 Accessories For A Complete Package”

by Jeanette Terry

been using Trackimo as my GPS tracker for my drone. and it definitely works fine did not have to get hassled with anything and its very easy to use. good thing about the device is that their website contains the best way GPS tracking solutions in different situations.