This is a list of a few reasons we have seen posted of why people might not want to upgrade to the Phantom 4.


  1. The Camera. The new phantom 4 camera can do 120fps at 1080p, and can film in 4k video, however this is not a huge upgrade from the phantom 3 professional camera, which can be purchased for substantially less.
  2. It is going to take a few months before even DJI has all the accessories available for the Phantom 4, not to mention aftermarket suppliers like Nanuk and better designed propeller guards. To expand on this, if you already own a Phantom 3, none of the accessories are going to work for the Phantom 4. This means you will have to sell them at a substantial loss or keep it as a backup. Think of all the money invested in cases and batteries. Is the phantom 4 that big an upgrade.
  3. DJI track record on new releases. Two words: Not Good. Delays, firmware issues, promised features that do not work, basically beta testing on the general public. I fully expect there to be major issues with the object avoidance and object tracking. How many people are going to fly it towards and object and be surprised when their drone ploughs directly into it. There are massive limitations to the technology that aren’t very well communicated. Limitations like the object avoidance and tracking only works at slow speeds.
  4. Wait time on a preorder list. Sure you can pre-order the Phantom 4 from your local dealers, and many are advertising shipping starting April 1. But there will be delays, they are starting to ship from China April 1, so dealers will get them maybe around the 15th to start shipping to you.
  5. Reliability will likely be a big concern with the new Phantom 4. With pretty much all new parts including the dual IMU, which is NOT redundant, you would need 3 to be redundant. There is bound to be problems as with any new launch. The phantom 3 had them and it wasn’t nearly as rushed to get put out.



That’s my take. They will be great units but I think it will take a few months to get there at least. And in the mean time the phantom 3 professional, or even the advanced is a great platform that has been proven over the past year.