Phantom 3 is a new addition to the family of DJI products. The drones are of the highest quality and come with reasonable price tags. They can now be used not only by those who love aerial photography, but also by real businesses. It seems that DJI alone is managing to transform the drone market and, along with other similar companies, change the way our future’s going to look, which is why I’d like to say a few words about them.

DJI is a pioneer in the commercial unmanned aircraft market. All of their drones are both lightweight and user-friendly. Even the more basic models feature 12 megapixel cameras equipped to make 1080p videos. Just a couple of years ago, that would sound like science fiction, and now they produce drones with built-in GPS and motorized mounts that manage to stabilize the camera without limiting its movement. It’s the ultimate proof of a huge technological advancement in the field of drone use, in which DJI has one of the more important roles.

The Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International predicts that drones will soon be used for all kinds of purposes, including oil exploration, crop monitoring, internet provision and atmospheric research. It has also been said that by 2021 drone sales will reach $5 billion, of which DJI is going to get a big piece.

The fact that DJI is a company with a promising future doesn’t mean that they won’t have to adapt to the changes in the market. While drones are becoming more and more popular, people are complaining about the company’s customer service. It’s something DJI will have to improve if they want to remain on such a high position in the drone world.

Over-regulation is another issue the company will have to deal with. When one of their drones crashed onto the White House lawn, they reacted by including various new “no-fly zones” in the drone firmware. Although it could be argued that limiting the use was a necessary step, it is nevertheless a problem for any drone maker.

Despite the fact that they’re facing an increasing number of competitors from all around the world, people from DJI have no doubt that they’ll eventually beat them. Apart from offering quality products for reasonable prices, they also take much less time to develop new and improved models, which are in high demand.