To Get Lag Free Android Streaming Try These Steps

These steps are to try to lower the load on your processor so the DJI Go app can use as much system resources as it needs without the other processes getting in its way. 

As much as you can also try to keep your tablet cool, that may be dimming the brightness a bit, taking off any case or possibly popping the back cover off if your device allows.

If you are running an apple device head over to our other blog post that helps out the Apple users.

Start With a reset to factory default, after it is updated with latest android firmware.

Then Install Zapper Task Killer
 --> Select all selectable processes using Zapper, and Kill All.

Install DJI Pilot App from DJI website If it is still available there, if not find it in the play store.

Disable all notifications for apps by:
-->Going in Apps option and manually select all apps, and disable notifications

To disable automatic update of apps:
-->Go in App Store and disable automatic updating of all apps, by clicking the 3 dots on the top corner.

In developer options of your tablet (google how to enable developer options for your device) then set "Logger buffer sizes" to 256K

Zapper again and Kill all processes again

Launch DJI Go

Plug your remote, and then turn it on

Turn on you Phantom 3, or Inspire 1

Also if you are willing set ALL animation options in the Developer options to OFF

Note-I did not come up with this, it was posted on the DJI Forum