For shooting photos and video with drones, you should invest in some ND filters. For the Phantom and Inspire 1 line they come in 4, 8, 16.  

ND filters are basically like adding sunglasses onto the camera. When it is bright out the shutter speed increases to try to keep some of the light out, if the shutter speed gets too fast for video you may get the "jello effect". By adding ND filters you can mitigate this.

The rule of thumb is have your shutter speed at twice the frame rate of the video. So if you are shooting at 30fps you should add whatever ND filter will let your shutter be 1/60 of a second at the exposure you want. Give or take.  On a sunny day without filters you might see 1/2000 or higher which is what leads to the jello effect. 

For pictures I find the colors really pop with the use of filters. Same as wearing expensive sunglasses, everything looks richer and less washed out.