If you have experienced Lag on your streaming video using apple products try these settings.


First In the iOS Settings, turn on Airplane Mode after you have downloaded / cached maps from the internet. If you're using a phone, this will disable calls and texts so you aren't interrupted and so the app doesn't crash while in flight..

Note: For the P3S, you'll need to turn on Wi-Fi after turning on airplane mode

Next, click into the "General" then "Usage" section of the iOS Settings, you have to have at least 1GB of storage space available. If you are low; uninstall apps or remove all unneeded photos and videos from your device. 


Then Back to the "General" --> "Background App Refresh" section of the iOS Settings, turn off the Background App Refresh feature. This will ensure that only the DJI GO app is running and other processes are not tying up system resources.

Anytime; Shut down all apps that you're not actively using. To close running apps, double tap the Apple Home button and flick all the apps to close toward the top of the screen. Apps will always be running in the background after launched until you manually close them like this or restart your Apple device. Best to restart!


In DJI Go In the "General Settings" section of the DJI GO app, check our youtube page to see some quick videos on how to get to these screens, enable the "Enable Hardware Decode" setting. This will allow the Apple hardware to be used to decode the video stream, much better then DJI software...

In the same page of the DJI GO app, enable the "Cache Map in the Background" setting. This will allow you to cache the maps before you fly and before you turn on Airplane Mode. 

In the same page, set the "Video Cache" setting to "Disabled", you need this on if you are planning on using the DJI GO Director feature to create videos, but if you want lag free turn it off and edit on a computer. 

Lastly heat kills computers, if you can try to keep the device out of direct sunlight and take any case off to increase airflow over the aluminum body.  The cooler it is the better the processors run.