What to do in case your DJI Phantom 3 has a fly away?

This info is shared to you from a great article from the people over at Dronelifestyle.

It used to be thought that all fly aways were caused from pilot error, and many very experienced pilots were becoming humbled that they too experienced fly aways.  Until it clicked, maybe it wasn't their fault, or at least not totally. Drones are controlled by computers, and we all know computers fail, from time to time. BUT If you are diligent with calibrating your compass and gps properly, and things like propellers were tight and the aircraft was in good working condition before takeoff. You may be able to get it fixed for free from DJI. If you can find the drone. Follow these steps if you have a fly away and you might be pleasantly surprised by the outcome.

1. Go find the quadcopter

2. Gather all the pieces you can find, from experience look in at least a 10m radius around the main body.

3. Call DJI USA at 1-818-235-0789, 9-5 California Time, press 3 for Tech Support, then press 5 to get support from DJI

4. explain what happened during the flyaway and crash, be detailed.

5. You will get an RMA number and a information sheet

6. Fill out the info sheet; list all defective parts (include compass, GPS, main controller, motor, ESC?), describe what happened

7. Ship it to DJI; Include ALL broken parts, but DO NOT include non broken parts like good propellers, wi-fi, remote, KEEP those or you might not get them back

8. Wait. If it is deemed not a defective product you will be asked if you want it repaired by DJI and charged for the repair, if it is a malfunction you will get your Phantom repaired for free.


Hope that helps.  Always make sure you have calibrated your compass, that you have a good GPS lock for the RTH failsafe features.