Many of you have heard of or had the DJI smart batteries fail in flight resulting in a crash. This is no doubt down to a firmware failure that has not been fixed yet. You may want to gamble on your flights and make sure you fly with charged batteries every time. You may want to stay grounded until you hear of the problem being resolved.

Fortunately we do have a solution for you, that can keep you flying with confidence and allow you to continue your work or hobby.  This is especially important for those flying for work as a crash incident would put a big red X on your record and possibly hinder your ability to get flight authorization in the future.

This solution isn't as straight forward as the normal: plug a smart battery is and go flying. But it is a complete auxiliary battery system attached to the smart battery or UAV that will deliver backup power in the event the smart batteries fail.

With any of these packages you will have the option to mod your own battery you send us of buy a pre modded battery from us. The package also comes with a means to attach the battery to the UAV, 1 or 2 Aux batteries, and if needed a traditional LiPo charger.

These batteries will have to be charged on each flight you use them, same as you would the smart batteries. DO NOT mix partially depleted batteries together.

Coming soon will be the DIY kit and instructions for you if you can solder and want to attempt this yourself. Kit will include, mounts, pigtails, batteries.